3D explosion diagram

explosion diagram 3D

3D explosion diagrams are a visual and interactive way of showing what something is made up of.

They can be realistic; i.e. breaking a device into it’s components. They can also be more conceptual; i.e. breaking a food product into 3D-representations of its ingredients.

Explosion diagrams as all 3D-embedded experiences can include informational content within hotspots that can be “parented” so that one set of hotspots activates after it’s parent hotspot is clicked.

Below is an example of a simple explosion diagram where a 3D skateboard can be “exploded” into it’s sub-parts; deck, trucks, wheels, bearings etc. When the skateboard is in it’s exploded state, informational hotspots can be opened up for more information about each part. This embed has been configured to load lazy, but automatic so it should appear right here.

Below is a multi-level explosion diagram that explains the concept. Don’t mind the 3D content, it is only to demonstrate multiple explosions ๐Ÿ™‚

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