Embedded interactive 3D-experience – Hospitality demo

We’re working on a demo for the hospitality industry with the purpose of educating marketers about the versatile and vast possibilities of augmented reality and interactive website-embeds.

Our demo also includes a web-based AR-experience (webAR), but this post is about the website embed. This type of animated 3D-experience is meant to be a “step by step” guide to the premises of a hotel or resort.

When you open up one info, the next one will activate and open up, that will activate the next one and so on… Creating a “chain” of bite-sized information is a great an effective way of telling the viewer about different aspects without making them overwhelmed with too much at once.

Click below to load the 3D-content and check it out!

What would you use this kind of interactive 3D “tour” for?

For inquiries, reach out to our CEO Frans Tihveräinen via email frans at flyar.fi or slide into his LinkedIn DM’s.