Custom webAR development

web-based Augmented Reality works without apps

Check out a few selected webAR-examples!

Augmented with 💚 by flyAR

Custom-tailored webAR for your organisation – present your project, product or service in webAR!

✔ smooth onboarding via QR / link
✔ interactive functionalities
✔ animated and detailed 3D
✔ rich in information
✔ support for 360-images and more!

Try webAR yourself.

Just scan the image below!
(With your phone camera.)
flyAR office 2021 target image

What kind of webAR ideas did you get?

Maybe we should talk about augmenting realities for your organisation.

But what is webAR?

WebAR is browser-based

…meaning that your target audience does not need to dowload any more apps – who enjoys app downloads anyway?

The Augmented Reality content loads, and runs in your default mobile browser by simply scanning a QR code.ty

A good AR partner will design and plan the content to be technically lightweight – this will ensure speedy downloads and a smooth user experience even on slightly older devices.

WebAR is rich

Different digital media materials can be mixed and matched in webAR. Sure, 3D-models can be cool… but they are way cooler when presented with animations, interactivity and other media content.

At flyAR we often combine media types such as:

✔ animated 3D
✔ 360 imagery
✔ audio
✔ images
✔ textual information
✔ links to the web

WebAR is interactive

Interactivity matters when augmenting reality. When the user can explore, launch animations, toggle informational content, open 360 images etc. – the experience is much more interesting and memorable.

Interactivity can be things like:

✔ slight gamification
✔ toggle information
✔ launch animation
✔ open 360 image
✔ guided experiences
✔ links to the web

WebAR content anchors to the real world

WebAR content can anchor to the real world in multiple ways, but it is especially great with image-tracked experiences – i.e. the digital augmented reality content anchors to a printed image target.

A target image can be so many things, like:

✔ outdoor advertising
✔ product packaging
✔ floor stickers
✔ flyers & posters
✔ magazine adverts

WebAR is dynamic

If required, the webAR content can be updated with ease. Your target audience can be presented with content that changes over time.

This can be useful for use-cases such as:

✔ seasonal content
✔ weekly tips
✔ timed events
✔ dynamic ad campaigns
✔ product launches
✔ news
✔ promotional codes
✔ food packaging with changing recipe content

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