Explain your product interactively.

Interactive 3D content embedded on your website – eye-catching, informative and memorable!

✔ interactivity
✔ support for animations
✔ rich in information
✔ suitable for product presentations, construction projects, explosion diagrams, educational use cases and more!

Check out a few selected 3D embed-examples!

Crafted with 💚 by flyAR

Step-by-step infos

✔ chained infos
✔ buttons trigger animations
✔ (placeholder content)

Simple cruise ship demo

✔ 3D model of ship
✔ auto-spin enabled

Construction project with 3 options

✔ animated and detailed 3D
✔ User can choose from 3 variants
✔ 3D content from AR project re-purposed for embed use

Museums on a map

✔ animated and detailed 3D
✔ interactive infos
✔ links to museum sites
✔ 3D content from AR project re-purposed for embed use

Multi-level explosion demo

✔ dig deeper into anything
✔ chained infos
✔ buttons trigger animations
✔ (placeholder content)

What kind of 3D element could benefit your website?

Maybe we should discuss possibilities over a remote meeting and beverage of choice.

But what is a 3D embed?

Technically 3D embeds…

…are <iframes>, just like embedded YouTube-videos!

A customiseable <iframe>-code snippet can be placed on your website in a suitable spot.

We use the p3d.in-platform for 3D-embeds as it’s reliable and versatile.

3D embed use-cases

3D embeds can be used to show anything in a memorable way.

✔ construction / property development
✔ product presentations
✔ explosion diagrams – X is made of A, B and C
✔ education
✔ training / onboarding
✔ 3D-maps
✔ much more!

Embedded 3D interactivity

Interactivity makes everything better, more interesting and effectively memorable.

3D embeds support a few different types of interactivity:

✔ launch animations
✔ exploded views
✔ show information
✔ guided tours
✔ multiple variants in one embed

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