Who we AR


We also like tofu and coffee.

flyAR Augmented Reality Studio Oy was founded in 2017 by two friends who met in 2009 while studying digital media at Metropolia UAS. The founders Frans Tihveräinen & Eero Salminen have over 14 years combined experience in the realm of XR. They are also quite fun dudes to work with.


Frans Tihveräinen

Frans Tihveräinen

CEO / AR Designer

Frans is our CEO, co-founder and AR Designer. He is an engineer but is quite fluent in human as well. When out of the office, you might find Frans skateboarding, enjoying some heavy reggae music or doing dad-stuff like stepping on legos or winning at Mario Kart.

  +358 50 530 6108
  frans at flyar . fi

Eero Salminen

Eero Salminen

CTO / Tech advisor

Eero is our CTO, he is a real multi-talent in the realm of XR development. He has a thing for DIY-stuff and making things work like he wants them to.

Nico Saarela

Nico Saarela

3D Artist

Nico is our 3D Artist. He creates wonderful and lively 3D-worlds using his weapon of choice, Blender. Nico is also getting pretty damn good at bringing AR-experiences to life with Zappar.

Sebastian Aho

Sebastian Aho

3D Artist (freelance)

Sebastian is our go-to-3D-gun-for-hire. Whenever we need additional help with 3D things, Sebbe is who we call. He is also a great guy but does not play ice hockey.

2009 – Frans & Eero meet on the first day of school, get quite hammered and become friends

2009-2013 – Frans tries to sit behind Eero during programming classes

2013 – Frans does his thesis about AR in museums and graduates

2014 – Eero does his thesis about Immersion in VR and graduates

2014 – 2016 – F & E do their own things working around XR and digital media production

2016 – E & F start working on AR-projects together

2017 – Team flyAR wins Hack the Pack -industryhack

2017 – flyAR Augmented Reality Studio Oy is formed as a joint venture

2019 – Nico joins the team

2020 – flyAR moves to a fabulous new office

2023 – Eero leaves daily operations but his spirit is still with us!

2023 – new dev helper Alvar and intern Sean join the pack