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Custom AR filters to enhance your brand on social media

✔ Instagram / TikTok / Snapchat
✔ multiple tracking options
✔ interactivity
✔ gamification

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What kind of AR filter ideas did you get?

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But what is a social AR filter?

AR filters are bite-sized and shareable

AR filters are bite-sized fun experiences that raise brand-awareness and make their user smile.

AR filters have become an effective marketing tool for businesses, as they allow brands to create immersive experiences that are fun, shareable and engaging. With the continued popularity of social media and the rise of AR technology, it is likely that AR filters will continue to be an important marketing tool for businesses looking to connect with their audience in exciting new ways.

AR filters are fun

AR filters are one of the most entertaining features of social media platforms. They allow users to transform their appearance, create funny and interactive content, and share it with friends and followers. With AR filters, users can have all kinds of visual elements and effects anchored to their face, tabletop or physical space.

Whether it’s to add a bit of fun to a selfie or create a viral challenge, AR filters are a perfect way to engage with friends and followers while having a good time.

AR filters can be created for all platforms

AR filters are not just for Instagram anymore! The doors are open to create and publish AR filters for Snapchat and TikTok as well.

When choosing which platform to create for, the most important thing to consider is which platform your target audience is using the most.

The basic functionalities an capabilities are approximately the same for all three, but in our opinion Snapchat is the most advanced platform. It’s always possible to create versions of the filters to cater to audiences on multiple social platforms.

AR filters can anchor to more than faces!

Face filters are always fun, but social filters can use other kinds of AR-anchoring as well! 3D-content can anchor to planar surfaces, your body or certain parts of it, images or even a pre-scanned physical space (Snapchat Custom Location filters).

Face filters are great for selfies and can work even for multiple faces!

AR content anchoring to a tabletop can be fun for “remote controlled” things or placing a 3D element.

Spatial AR filters work best when you want your content to anchor accurately to a certain physical space… be it your main entrance, a statue or a public location!

Idea > technical complexity!

In augmented reality, less is often more. This is especially true for social media filters in our fast-paced age where the users attention is constantly fought over. An AR filter must to be fun instantly.

A fun and quirky AR filter paired with a social media campaign / contest and influencer marketing can be a highly effective combination!

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