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flyAR is an Augmented Reality Studio. We love Augmented Reality and craft custom AR-solutions for our clients. Interactive, immersive and three-dimensional is our thing.


What our clients say

It was a pleasure working with flyAR and Frans and the project progressed nicely during all steps and communication within the project group worked very nicely to all directions. We are very pleased with the end result. If needed, we will augment reality with flyAR in future projects as well and can recommend working with them!

Minna Kilpeläinen
Metropolia UAS

flyAR has updated digital and traditional music promotion to a whole new level. It was amazingly cool to see my music in such an interesting package. This is just the beginning of the possibilities of AR in the music scene!

Petri Matero
Materock Oy

We can warmly recommend working with flyAR to other museums! Years of cooperation has proven that it is easy to co-develop useful augmented reality experiences with them. They focus on authenticity and user-friendliness in a very nice way and handle humanist’s wishes and questions smoothly. Working with flyAR you don’t need to settle for out-of-the-box solutions, the sky is the limit for new augmented ideas! They will commit to handling the project until the end and help out even after the project is finished.

Tiina Hero
Espoo City Museum

It was really great to work with Frans and the team on a 360 tour of our new Skate School in Bamyan, Afghanistan. Taking 360 pictures was new for us, but Frans helped our staff on the ground and took time to help us upskill. Communication was clear all the way through the process. The results are amazing and we now have a unique way for supporters to explore the Skateistan facility.

Jessica Faulkner

We are fascinated by the great interest, compassion, high work ethic and kindness they put into their work. Also openness and desire to look for solutions, thinking out of the box. Communication is fast. In general – they have a great team and they are probably superheroes 🙂 in their field, knowing all sorts of IT nuances regarding AR solution.

Riin S., Piret V. & Liis N.
City of Tartu

flyAR and Trafiikki Museum’s Association had a very well managed project together last year (2020). Thanks flyAR!

Tiina Jantunen
Trafiikki Museum's Association

We had the pleasure of working with flyAR! The team has top expertise which made cooperation easy and smooth for AR-novices such as ourselves. Their passionate but relaxed approach to augmenting reality gets their customers very excited about it too. flyARs strengths definitely includes open-mindedness and creative thinking – all of the challenges that popped up were considered opportunities and they were tackled together.

Minna Kaattari
City of Helsinki

In all three of our projects cooperation has been smooth, flexible and clear. With good planning, things have not required redoing and projects have reached their goals on the first try.

Jussi Lindberg
Tactic Games

We create custom Augment Reality Solutions

We use only the best tools, platforms and softwares to augment reality for our clients. We do not offer a single solution and try to make your problem fit our solution. Rather we will examine your problems and challenges and propose a few different types of AR solutions. If we feel that AR is not suitable for your needs, we'll be honest about it and possibly get you some contacts that could help out in other ways.

We have high standards when it comes to augmented reality and like to keep it that way.

Contact us - we AR here to help! Contact us - we AR here to help!

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