Well hello deAR!

flyAR is an Augmented Reality Studio. We love Augmented Reality and craft custom AR-solutions for our clients. Interactive, immersive and three-dimensional is our thing.

At flyAR, we Augment Reality in many ways.

We do not offer a single solution and try to make your problem fit our solution. Rather we will examine your problems and challenges and propose a few different types of AR-solutions. If we feel that AR is not suitable for your needs, we’ll be honest about it and possibly get you some contacts that could help out in other ways.

We AR here to help!

We have coffee, would you like some?


Technologies we use for Augmenting the Realities

News from our blog

What’s cooking at the moment:

  • A very experimental large scale outdoor spatial gamified augmentation
  • A futuristic housing -related spatial augmentation
  • flyAR Office v2 (this will be epic!)
  • getting quite a few recently finished projects on our site

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