Expand your package and take it to the next level with AR!

Pair your digital presence to your physical package – add an interactive and engaging layer of digital information with Augmented Reality

✔ packs serious “WOW!”
✔ 3D content and animations
✔ interactivity
✔ video, text, links
✔ versatile use cases
✔ webAR works without apps

Check out a few selected packaging-themed AR-projects!

AR brings your package to life!

An interactive and animated webAR-experience will take your packaging to the next level and make your brand be remembered.

The space on your package is limited and the content on it is static. An augmented layer of digital content allows for the addition of much more brand-related coolness and you can change the content over time to keep it fresh!

WebAR is interactive and works without apps

Web-based augmented reality launches simply by tapping a link or scanning a QR code – users don’t need to bother with downloading any more apps!

The user can launch informational hotspots, open 360 images, launch animations and more!

AR package ideas

✔ dynamic seasonal videos
✔ link to landing page
✔ link to social media campaigns
✔ explain your brand in 3D
✔ explosion diagram in 3D
✔ explain the supply chain
✔ show ingredients
✔ show your sustainability values
✔ explain the supply chain

What kind of AR implementation could benefit your brands packaging?

Maybe we should discuss possibilities.