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We involve our Clients during the AR / 3D project.

Not too much though, just the required amount so everything goes smoothly and the end result is as excepted or quite often beyond it.

Pre-production / Planning
Generally we will have a planning meeting to discuss and clarify what our Client wants and needs, who is the target audience, what is the ballpark-budget and what is the benefit of using Augmented Reality in this particular case. After our initial meeting, we will outline an AR-concept and create a draft proposal. These will be discussed together in a second meeting, and after this we will polish our plan and proposal and present these to our Client. When the AR-experience is planned properly together, there is a solid base to start the actual production work on.
During the production phase, we like to have a direct channel of quick communication both ways. Often we setup a Slack-workspace for quick questions like “What do you think about this animation?” or “Which one of these menu layouts do you like most?” Often we also schedule brief video-calls to discuss how the project is proceeding. With ongoing communication, both parties know what is going on and how things are proceeding.
Feedback & testing
We ask for feedback and comments so that the end result will be like our Clients want. Most of our projects include custom 3D-modeling work. As 3D is a very visual media and the 3D-content is the most visible part of the AR-experience, we always send preview pics of whatever we are creating to our client for commenting and feedback.

After 3D-content is created, we move on to the AR-implementation and also ask for comments and feedback for initial functional AR-versions. Once we have a first “real” version, we will organize a testing session together with our Client to see how the AR works and if there are any little bits to improve or modify. Generally we include 1 or 2 rounds of modifications and fixes into our agreed work depending on the scope of the project. (Additional feedback rounds would be invoiced by the hour but these are very rarely needed).

After the AR-experience is created
Planning, creating and publishing the AR-experience is one thing, but what happens next? AR is only useful if it is used so it is very important that it is communicated properly to the end users. We are happy to help our clients explore new ways to deliver their AR-experience to their audience. One AR-experience can be used in many places and in many different use cases, remember that!
We are a flexible and agile team to work with. We are easily available via phone, slack, whatsapp, email and can make time for a brief meeting quickly. It is also often very possible to do slight additions and alterations to our agreed project with minimal (or sometimes no) added cost.