Show and explain your construction projects interactively

Show and explain your construction project in detail with the help of Augmented Reality and embedded 3D-elements

✔ highly informative
✔ support for animations
✔ interactivity
✔ guided tours
✔ versatile use cases

Check out a few selected construction-themed webAR-projects!

WebAR is interactive and works without apps

Web-based augmented reality launches simply by tapping a link or scanning a QR code – users don’t need to bother with downloading any more apps!

The user can launch informational hotspots, open 360 images, launch animations and more!

AR scale models bring your construction project to life

An interactive and animated scale model of your construction project is a highly informative and visually pleasing way of communicating and explaining all the details without overwhelming the viewer with too much information.

The 3D model can be easily anchored to an image target such as a project broschure or flyer.

3D models can be repurposed for website use

Once created, the same 3D content can be embedded on your project website. See examples below!

Check out a few selected embedded construction models!

Construction project with 3 options

✔ animated and detailed 3D
✔ User can choose from 3 variants
✔ 3D content from AR project re-purposed for embed use

Step-by-step tour

✔ chained infos
✔ guided tour of a fictional resort

What kind of AR implementation or 3D element could benefit your construction project marketing communication?

Maybe we should discuss possibilities.