New website (at last)!

flyAR website screenshot

Our CEO Frans has had this website renovation project on his desk for some time now and our flyar.fi website is finally redone in light 2020 style. Sleek, simple and intuitive was what we were going after and this is how it came out… no nonsense with a pinch of fun, mainly black and white, and lot’s of demo videos on Our Work -porfolio pages.

The Who We AR-page is our CEO’s favourite as it features super cute little flyARlings created by our 3D Artist Nico.

3D ARtist Nico, CTO Eero, CEO Frans and freelance 3D ARtist Sebbe. We AR flyAR.

What do you think? There is a hidden rickroll rolling around somewhere, did you spot it? If you have any feedback about the site or notice that something does not work, would you be nice enough to contact Frans and let him know? Much appreciated!