Skidipeli AR


Very interesting edu-project that we did together with Skidit for their room-scale media-education-themed board game “Skidipeli”. It included a few cardboard cut-out-characters that we used as target-images for a webAR implementation.

Each character had a small bite-sized learning task that school kids had to complete. Tasks were for example: “What are these sounds?”, “Fill in the blanks” and “What does this actually mean?”.

Client: Helsinki City library / Mediakasvatuskeskus Metka


  • multi-image-tracked webAR implementation, works by scanning a QR code
  • 6 target images in total, all work with the same QR
  • bite-sized interactive learning tasks
  • animated 2D assets placed in 3D space for a nice parallax effect
  • part of a room-scale board game