360 tour for Skateistan (NGO)

This 360 tour teleports the user to Bamyan, Afghanistan

We created a 360 tour for the wonderful Skateistan NGO as a pro bono project to help them out with a fundraising campaign for their new Bamyan skate school. By just scanning a QR-code or visiting a link, the user is digitally transported to Afghanistan where they can see multiple 360-views with small informational contents as well.

We did the technical implementation, 360-shooting was done be a Skateistan employee with some guidance from us. 3D-360-renders came from New Line Skate Parks who are designing the skate park.

flyAR <3 Skateistan!

It was really great to work with Frans and the team on a 360 tour of our new Skate School in Bamyan, Afghanistan. Taking 360 pictures was new for us, but Frans helped our staff on the ground and took time to help us upskill. Communication was clear all the way through the process. The results are amazing and we now have a unique way for supporters to explore the Skateistan facility.


– Jessica Faulkner / Skateistan

Did you know that 360-content can be implemented and mixed with 3D-content as well? We did that with our own AR office, check it out and try it yourself here 😉