Helsinki Healthy Boost AR visualisation

3D AR visualisation to show how participatory budgeting works and what it can achieve

The city of Helsinki involves its residents in city planning via participatory budgeting. We created a “living scale model” type of AR visualisation to show what kind of changes were made to Puotila sports area. A 3D-model appears upon posters telling about participatory budgeting and about the renovations; a new outdoor public gym and a nice walking path through the woods.

We had the pleasure of working with flyAR! The team has top expertise which made cooperation easy and smooth for AR-novices such as ourselves. Their passionate but relaxed approach to augmenting reality gets their customers very excited about it too. flyARs strengths definitely includes open-mindedness and creative thinking – all of the challenges that popped up were considered opportunities and they were tackled together.


– Minna Kaattari / City of Helsinki

Did you know that “living scale models” can be used for so many different things ranging from city planning like this one to museum projects and construction projects as well!