Fransling Instagram filters

Remote controlled AR characters


Franslings started as a little internal RnD project where we tested out some Spark AR templates and customised them. The first Fransling was a little remote-controlled Frans, second one had an airplane, third one was disguised as Santa and the most recent addition “Skateling” has a skateboard and he responds to audio.

Check them out from the vid below!

QR-codes / direct links to the filters at the end of this page.

Try them yourself

If you are on mobile, tap the QR code and it will open up the filter in Instagram (if you have it installed :D). Place the 3D-character on your floor or table, go forward by tapping and holding your finger on your screen and steer by tilting your device left/right.


has a few idle-animations that play on random – he even has his own Franslingling that may appear.


the little rascal is airborne.


Includes a few idle-animations playing at random when he is not running in a jinglebellsy way.


while recording, shout “do a kickflip!” and he will perform a flawless kickflip.