flyAR Office webAR

A living scale model in webAR

The primary use case for this experience is a printed flyer, but it does work ok from your screen, you can try it from the image below!

flyAR office 2021 webAR

A living scale model of our office – so much digital in a small analog piece of paper!

We redid our AR office as we moved to a new one quite recently. This AR-experience works without an app via webAR and it is easy and quick to launch via QR.

There is a whole bunch of different types of content to play around with and they all fit “in” one simple flyer; animated 3D, audio, video, 360-pic, lot’s of text infos, links and contact information…

If you are interested on the process behind this project, read our blog post about it!

AR-optimized 3D content works extremely well as website embeds

When we have created good looking and lightweight content for AR use, it can (and totally should) be used in other ways too. For example as a 3D embed on your website like below.