Educational AR poster set for Metropolia UAS & HIPPA-project

This video-based webAR-experience is technically very simple, yet is is highly informative and useful. It is the content that counts – always. Poster with QR + video = simple and fun AR poster!

We created a set of eight AR posters with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences occupational therapy students as part of HIPPA-project. The students created the video content and we did the technically quite simple AR-implementation. These work both with and without an app; webAR via QR-code and also using the Zappar app.

It was a pleasure working with flyAR and Frans and the project progressed nicely during all steps and communication within the project group worked very nicely to all directions. We are very pleased with the end result. If needed, we will augment reality with flyAR in future projects as well and can recommend working with them!


– Minna Kilpeläinen / Metropolia UAS

This kind of AR is the most basic type of augmenting reality. On the more complex end of image-tracking webAR-solutions are things like this museum project or our AR Office.