AR Music Marketing – An Augmented Reality Record for promoting MATERO’s new single

This round flyer is more than paper, it is a versatile, interactive and immersive AR music marketing tool.

Analog meets digital – new media meets old media!

We created an AR music promotion concept for marketing upcoming releases and artists. A round record-like flyer can be scanned using practically any device and the QR will launch a fun musical webAR augmented reality experience. It works in-browser without the need to download more apps, who really enjoys downloading apps anyway?

Petri Matero’s solo project MATERO recently released a new single “Kalman Ajomies” and we had the pleasure of creating this for him as a pilot project.

flyAR has updated digital and traditional music promotion to a whole new level. It was amazingly cool to see my music in such an interesting package. This is just the beginning of the possibilities of AR in the music scene!


– Petri Matero / rocker and marketing multitalent 

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