Alvar Aalto AR Route

Showing what does not exist with AR and 3D-embeds


Alvar Aalto webAR & 3D-embeds

Showing classic Alvar Aalto architecture with AR – what is not seen is brought to life digitally!

We created a set of augmented reality scale models and “AR-windows” of three Alvar Aalto buildings; Varkaus Saw mill (demolished), Jyväskylä council tower (never built) and Seinäjoki Lakeuden Risti church (designed black but built white). Jyväskylä council tower is pictured in the video, we will add the rest once the project is public!

The “scale model” versions can be used anywhere but the “AR-window” versions will be installed on location as physical signage – the AR user can see a 3D-model of the building “through” the physical sign.

  • 3x webAR “scale models” & 3x webAR “portals” – AR works by scanning a QR code
  • 3D-embeds to be embedded on our clients website

Client: Alvar Aalto Foundation / Alvar Aalto Route