Augmented Reality Office!

How many engineers can you fit on a piece of paper? How much digital media can you fit on a piece of paper? The answer is two (Sebastian is a 3D artist, the only un-engineer) and lots of it. We wanted to demonstrate how many different types of digital media can be attached to traditional printed paper, soooo… we created a fun virtual tour of our small but cosy office.

This one has almost everything:

  • animated 3D
  • video (on-screen and in 3D-view)
  • audio
  • text info
  • 360 photosphere
  • www-links
  • save contact information
  • fun details


Trivial details:

  • 3D Sebbe is modeling this very office-model if you look at his screen.
  • Our CEO Frans is getting up to get more coffee quite often.
  • There are goodies in the refrigerator.


Try it yourself with the free Zappar app, target image below video!