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Augmented Reality technology enables us to bring any digital content practically anywhere. Our augmentations range from palm-scale prints to building scale… well buildings.


Check out some of the possibilities from these short videos.

Spatial augmentation of an office location with BIM-overlay and indoor navigation.

Multimedial print augmentation: 3D-content, video, 360-image, www-links…try it yourself!

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a way to display digital materials overlaid on real world elements. It’s like seeing things that really are’nt there. Until recently AR was so heavy on the computing side that it was not available for everyone to experience. Even now, AR requires serious computing power, but that power has found itself into everyone’s pockets in the form of various types of smart devices.


The spreading of powerful pocket sized devices has really revolutionized mobile Augmented Reality. There are lots and lots of AR-apps and more are coming up as you are reading this.

Also the big players Google and Apple are working on their own AR-platforms. In addition to mobile device enabled AR, there are other types of AR as well like wearables, smart AR glasses and helmets.


Here at flyAR® we only focus on creating custom AR-experiences to be viewed on mobile devices, as we see most potential in that area. We only use the best tools for AR creation and at the moment our toolbox contains the ground-breaking Immersal AR Cloud SDK for spatial augmentations and the versatile and award-winning Zappar-platform for more traditional print/plane-augmentations.

What is flyAR®?

We create experiences, not software.

flyAR® Augmented Reality Studio Oy is a content creation Studio specializing in interactive and three dimensional Augmented Reality -experiences. The company was founded by friends and digital media engineers F. Tihveräinen and E. Salminen.


Frans Tihveräinen got aquainted with AR while studying (Metropolia UAS) and wrote his thesis about Augmented Reality in museum use.

Frans started producing AR under the flyAR®-name already some years ago and ex-schoolfriend Eero joined as a worker during the autumn of 2016. Coincidentally Eero’s thesis studied immersion in VR (a cousin of AR). After a few succesful projects the duo decided to start a joint effort in the form of flyAR® Augmented Reality Studio Oy. Shortly after setting up the new company, Frans and Eero got great company from 3D Artist Sebastian Aho.



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