ARpocalypse diARies 1

Something very cool is cooking at flyAR. Last spring we applied for AVEK’s Digidemo-grant with a quite experimental and gamy augmented reality idea. And they granted us 25k€ to create a demo of it! Thanks AVEK & OKM, your grant is highly appreciated!

Well what is our experimental and gamy AR-idea then? We are calling it ARpocalypse for now and it is a world without people. Where all the people have disappeared is a mystery that the player needs to try to figure out. The people still exist… but where and when are they? It seems like the surviving people have somehow managed to open a Twitter account @TapionV and are tweeting to present earth residents. They have managed to get the connection open, let’s see how their tweets unfurl over time. 

We will create a large scale 3D-model of a central square in Helsinki and in our model the world will appear to have been without a human population for a looooong time. Using Immersal SDK, this model will be overlayed and anchored accurately onto it’s physical counterpart – the Helsinki Central Railway Square. In other words, when the player looks through their device and our demo app, they will be looking through a “window” to this mysterious futuristic and dystopian scenario. Building facades will be worn out, some in ruins, abandoned cars, buses and trams will be lying around and there won’t be a single person in sight. Mysterious entities will be floating towards this central location and the players can follow them to find their way and to find clues that will help them unlock the mystery.

This game demo will be created using the very cool Immersal SDK paired with Unity. Immersal has done some mappings of central Helsinki and we will of course utilise those as well! 

At the moment we are in the planning phase, take a look at our planning session from the video below!