AR Workshops and lectures

Our CEO Frans has facilitated a bunch of workshops in the past years mainly for educational organisations. He has also held various talks about augmented reality.

This year he has already been at / is booked for:

  • Häme Uni of Applied Sciences
  • Turku Uni of Applied Sciences
  • Satakunta Uni of Applied Sciences
  • LAB University of Applied sciences
  • Palmgren conservatory
  • Rio School District (California, US)

The scope of workshops / talks can be tailored to suit your target audience – generally workshops are between a few hours to a few days and talks range from 30-90 min.

If your organisation needs a fun and interesting talk or workshop about our favourite subject Augmented Reality, don’t hesitate to reach out to Frans whose contact info is below:

CEO Frans Tihveräinen / frans ät flyar dot fi / +358 50 530 6108