New service offering – 3D embeds

As a creative studio, we are always on the lookout for new good tools.

Most of our projects include custom 3D production and the models have been used only in AR-context. AR is cool of course, but it would be even cooler to be able to utilise the sexy 3D content elsewhere too. Like on the interwebs – on your site!

We were checking out some platforms and found p3d.in to meet our tough requirements like:

  • support for animations
  • commercial use allowed
  • annotations
  • configurators
  • reasonable pricing model

Take a look at an animated and interactive example below.

What do you think, what would you use a 3D embed for? If you are interested in 3D embeds or augmenting realities don’t hesitate to contact our CEO Frans. He will be happy to tell you more!

Frans Tihveräinen
frans (ä) flyar.fi
+358 50 530 6108
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